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About us

My Nanny. From a Mother to Mothers

As a mother with a shortage of time for anything, I needed a website where I could easily find a trusted, qualified, ideal nanny. So that I can calmly combine parenthood with professional career and hobby.

“My Nanny” is a website where a Nanny can present herself by creating a free profile.

For more demanding Parents we offer Premium and VIP packages where we take care of recruting Nanny (also can offer various trainings on demand).

Here You will find a trusted babysitter; Services with to-door delivery; Recommended producers of articles for children and parents.

Our goal is safe and happy children. Nothing gives a better
guarantee than a Mother and Perfectly fitted Nanny.

My Nanny. From a Mother to Mothers. For the sake of the Child. In respect for Nannies work.